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Girls Cross Front Top with Shorts

Hello guys! Today I brought another cute sewing project. I made a cute cross front top with shorts for my little girl while we were in the Middle East. It’s perfect for spring and summer. I hadn’t had the chance to share it before but here it is.

 Girls Cross Front Top with Shorts

Girls Cross Front Top with Shorts #Tutorial #sewingproject #sewingforgirls

 For this sewing project I used another Simplicity pattern called It’s so Easy. I couldn’t locate this exact pattern on the site but you can find amazing ones there. I bought it at Walmart, well actually my mom did but I got to make the sewing LOL. I love these patterns because they are easy to follow instructions and they have illustrations step by step.


 This is NOT a sponsored post but since I used it, I thought it was still important to share my thoughts in case you are interested in making one of these cute outfits. I actually made another outfit like this with the same pattern that I’ll be sharing soon.

 What you need:

*All you need is in the package of the pattern but I’m sharing what I used for this specific size.

Size 2 {smallest}

  • 1 yard patterned fabric
  • 1/2 yard solid fabric
  • 14 inches zipper
  • 2 yards of 1/2½ inch wide bias

I’ll write as I followed the instructions.

Just like I did last project for the Flower and denim Dress I started transferring the pattern to another paper so my original pattern don’t get damaged in the process. Then I cut each piece.

I place them on the fabric {folded} and start cutting.

I started with the bodice. I stitched together shoulders with right sides together of front and back.


Open out one edge of bias fold and with right sides together pin bias to neck edge, having crease along 3/8” {1cm} seam line. Stitch in 3/8” seam. Trim seam; clip curves.

Turn bias inside; press. Baste close to inner edge. On outside, top-stitch as basted.

Lap right bodice front over left, matching centers front having raw edges even. Baste across lower edge.

Press under 3/8 {1cm} on long unnotched edge of front and back band sections. Pin wrong sides of front and back, matching centers, having raw edges even. Baste raw edges together and across raw end of front band {I used solid color for bands}. Stitch close to pressed edges of bands.


Stitched bodice front to back at side seams.

I did the same process for bias on the neck to the armhole.

Now, with right sides together, stitched center back seam of skirt from lower edge to notch. Stitched skirt front sections to skirt back at side seam.

Pressed under hem allowance on front and lower edges of skirt.

Lap right skirt front over left, matching centers front. Basted across upper edge.


With right sides together, stitch skirt to bodice at waistline, marching centers and side seams. Press seam up.

On the back opening I stitched the zipper making sure the zipper goes to the very end on the back of the neck edge.

Folded the long band {I used solid fabric} in half lengthwise, with right sides together stitched in 3/8” seam, leaving an opening to turn. Trim seam and corners.

Turn band inside out; press. Slip-stitch opening edges together.

On the outside, pin band to the top band at left side of front over raw end of band matching edges. Stitched along stitching lines and close to upper and lower edges between stitching lines. Tie when the outfit is worn. Super cute!!!!

For the shorts. Stitched front to back at side seams then stitched shorts front to back at inner leg seam. With right sides together I inserted one leg inside the other, pin center seam matching inner leg seam and notches. If you want to reinforce it, stich again over first stitch. Trim seam in curved area. Pressed remaining seam open.


Press 1” {2.5cm} on upper edge to Inside, forming casing. Press under 1/4” {6mm} on raw edge. Stitched close to lower edge of casing leaving an opening to insert elastic.


Cut a piece of elastic to fit the waist, plus 1” {2.5cm}. Insert the elastic through casing. Overlap ends and hold with safety pin. You can here try the shots and adjust if needed.

Stitched ends of elastic and stitched opening closed.

Press up hem. Press under 1/4” {6mm} on raw edge. Stitched close to inner edge.

That’s it. It took me maybe a couple of hours, maybe a bit more, but it was easy enough to follow and the result was so cute! I loved it and she loved it!!!


I’m really eager to go and get some more of these patterns!


What do you think??? Isn’t it cute to have kids dressed like this???

Til' next time...

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