Mixed Nuts Double Chocolate Bark

What is it about chocolate that is so addictive and absolutely irresistible? I often think about it! I love chocolate anything and if I can have white and milk chocolate together… Oh My!!! So, I made this mixed nuts double chocolate bark for the first time. I had never done it before but I was craving for chocolate with different nuts in it and I said why not mixing both chocolates LOL. I had seen my friend Dana and other friends sharing barks a few times so I decided to try this out and I LOVE how it turned out!!!

Mixed Nuts Double Chocolate Bark


This recipe couldn’t be easier to make, seriously. Of course this is easy if your white chocolate doesn’t turn out bad, never melt and you have to run to the store and get a new one LOL. Yup! that happened to me and I was so freaking out. Thank got I had Dana to the rescue LOL. My wonderful hubby went to the store for me and found it so I could finish the recipe!

But again if you don’t get the wrong chocolate, everything is super easy to make. Haha


  • 1.5 Pounds of White Chocolate
  • 0.5 pounds of semi-sweet Chocolate
  • Mixed nuts {peanuts, cashew, Almonds and if you want hazelnuts is a go too}



Melt each chocolate according to directions. I used double boiler.

Once both are melted pour into a 9×9 pan linen with foil.

Drop dots of semi-sweet chocolate randomly on top of the white chocolate.


Using a toothpick draw swirls making 8s is the best way.


Sprinkle the mixed nuts evenly all over the chocolate and press the largest nuts a little like almonds and cashews.