Christmas Decoration Home Tour 2015

So, here I am, wearing a cozy fleece robe with a cup of coffee in my hands and writing this exciting post! You see, I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years {Turning 3 on the 24th woot!} and I had never made a home tour before. Since Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I decided to start with our Christmas decoration for our Home tour 2015. I’m planning on making more as we decorate the house!

Christmas Decoration Home Tour 2015


I hadn’t made a decoration this big in years. I actually can’t remember the last year I actually decorated and put all this heart into it. So having the opportunity to do it this year with the support of my mom, dad and hubby meant a lot. Mainly because my girl is starting to understand Christmas and I want her to have that dream and tradition as alive as I had it when I was a kid and I still do.

I know many people would disagree, but despite the moment kids find out Santa or in our case as Latin, Niño Jesus is mom, dad or grandma {we celebrate more the nativity so we write a letter to him and of course Santa too}, I feel it’s so worth it, that glowing smile when they come to the tree or the Nativity to find the presents is priceless and is something they look forward each year. I had it and I loved it every single year. I actually enjoyed it even after I found out. I became accomplice for my little cousins Christmas gifts! I guess this is all about family traditions.

Anyway, this year is extra special having my girl writing her letter to Baby Jesus and Santa! We put a lot of love into our decoration, using most of past years stuff and a few new and mostly homemade and crafted ones.

This year I felt so inspired that I wanted to share our Christmas Decoration in this Home Tour 2015! Yayyyyy Hope you like it and that it inspires you.

We didn’t decorate the whole house, only the social spaces. Mom is decorating the guests bathroom but she isn’t done yet so I guess I’ll update this post later on.

I’m going to welcome you to our home from our front door!

Hello lovely Friends! Welcome to our home!!!!


I made a super cute and colorful Christmas Wreath to welcome people to the house. I wanted to add more to the front door like plants and flowers but with so much going on I needed more hours in a day, so I’ll leave it for Spring LOL.

Right in the entry hallway you will find our Christmas Mantel. Yup, our Mantel is the entrance LOL. We are planning on creating a cute space for a Mantel in the fireplace but while that happens I use this Shoe rack from Ikea to make my Mantel happen. What I love the most is that everybody LOVE it when they come visit, they see it right away.


Our Christmas Mantel is all handmade. Every little thing is crafted and full of love!


When you look at the back of the house you will see a glimpse of our living room. There is where all the fun is set. From here you can see that the floor changes to carpet, which makes the space warmer and cozier. Mom recently re-upholstered the sofas using white fabrics, which made our Christmas even prettier!


As you get closer you get to see more of the living room and the dinning room. Let’s pay attention to the living room for now.


From here you get a general view of the living room. We placed the Christmas tree in the right corner, close to the fireplace.


The Christmas tree was decorated mostly with white, red and gold with some handmade ornaments like our clothespin Angels and our glittered snowflakes {which are not in the color combo but Em wanted to use them and how could I say no?}. I’m planning on making myself most of the ornaments for next year.


Right at the bottom of the tree we made our Nativity spot. This is something my girl asked for. I’m hoping next year we can make a whole Nativity city as we used to make back in Venezuela when I was younger.


Where the fireplace is, we decorate with my cute Mittens and stockings Garland and a cute Wreath that my mom had and never ever used before. It was time to clean the dust from it LOL.


Since this year is all about Red, white and Gold I made some pretty Christmas pillows. I used 2 different fabrics, one full of stars and the other plaid. On 2 of them I stamped Joy and Noel words and on one of the plaid ones I painted and glittered a Reindeer. You will see the full tutorial soon here on the blog! Mom already had some pillows that end up perfect for the color combo so I didn’t have to do anything with those LOL.


I also set on the sofa, a lovely beige blanket that I totally love and despite the similar color to the sofa, I loved how it looks!


On the side table we placed a lovely Candleholder Christmas tree. Mom and I love candles so it was a must.


On the center table we placed our crafty Christmas trees and a cute Silver Christmas tree that we already had. It has lights so it looks so cute among the crafty ones!


So That’s it!… That’s our cozy living room. Hope you like it as much as we do!


Now let’s take a look at our dinning.

It’s really simple. Not too much going on here.


I just used our handmade Christmas tree table runner and we set a couple of red and silver candle holders and a Christmas plant.


We decorated the pot with burlap and Red ribbon. We also used for the bow threads of the same burlap. Love how it turned out. So rustic and yet so pretty.


I love how simple and warm everything looks even having just a few details.


Well that’s it my friends. That’s all we decorated this year. I hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration! I can assure you that every single detail in our home décor was made with lots of love and excitement. My girl was a great motivation and support as she was telling me all the way: “Mommy I love everything!”


Hearing mom and dad saying, everything turned out wonderful what the Cherry on top!

If you felt welcome on our home tour 2015, I would love to hear your thought down in comments!

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Til' next time...

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