Soufeel, A perfect and Unique Gift for an Unique Person

This is an sponsored review on behalf of Soufeel, Jewelry Shop. Even though I was compensated in form a product all opinions are 100% my own. I would never recommend a product that I don’t trust or haven’t tried myself!

Who doesn’t love jewelry? Even those that don’t usually wear jewelry might enjoy a lovely bracelet or earrings, right? If you have been around long enough you know I love unique jewelry so that’s why I like making them. But the thing is that sometimes we want something extra special and for those cases I believe Soufeel makes a perfect and unique gift for an unique person.

Soufeel, A perfect and Unique Gift for an Unique Person

Soufeel, A perfect and Unique Gift for an Unique Person. #gift #soufeeljewelry #giftideas

Why do I talk about unique? Because you create your own bracelet, and hardly some else will pick exactly the same charms. Each person can make their own combinations, and if you are choosing a bracelet for someone you love you will create your own version of that person which will make it extra special and unique.


I’m a lover of uniqueness. I love when I can customize things or create things my way. Soufeel offers this and I love it. One of their features that I love the most is their memorable Charm… I so want to buy one for my little girl. You can choose a charm, use one special picture and they will send you the charm with the Picture in it! How cool can that be? Wanna know the best part?… It’s not expensive!!!

SOUFEEL creates the most beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories, and offer them to their customers at ultra-competitive prices – all backed by our class leading guarantee and customer service.


Soufeel products adopt 925 sterling silver and colored gems as main raw materials. With interchangeable charms, you will be delighted in many possibilities by selecting from over 500 designs of charms.

Their pieces make a great gift for any occasion, birthdays, mother’s days, Christmas, You will never be wrong giving some of their pieces.


I’m in Love with mine. I chose my charms based on memories. For example I chose an owl from their new arrivals, from which is so hard to choose, Gosh! You know how much I love owls, so I know you understand. I also chose 2 Zodiac Signs charms for my girl and I. I also picked glass charms and a tree of life {that’s how I perceived it} and a little cute witch since my Auntie always says I a bit witchy, because I sense things LOL. Hint: That’s also why my Link party is called Bewitchin’ Projects LOL

I’ve been using it like crazy because it goes well with almost anything I wear and because… Just because LOL.

I think that if someone gives me another bracelet like this with different charms and all his/her love Ooooh I would be so happy. And I think most women would feel the same way, wouldn’t you?



I’m not really the kind of person who wears jewelry all the time, so the fact that the bracelet is delicate and the charms so cute, makes me wear it any time! And the best part is that I can use it with every single charm or just one depending on the occasion and I can also use the charms on other pieces like earrings or necklace!!!


I must say it, I’m in Love with my new Soufeel Bracelet and each one of my charms. I also love how they present it. So much style!




If you have a loved one with a special date coming I would definitely recommend checking them out at SOUFEEL! You might even find something for yourself LOL… I’m telling you this shop is addictive! If you do want to check them out and like something get a 5% discount on any order using the promo code Camila5

And you can also enjoy their special offers :When you spend $59, $79 or $99, you will get a pair of free earrings, a free charm and enjoy free sterling silver bracelet!  We offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee.

You can follow them to keep up with new arrivals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!!!

What do you think lovely readers??? What’s your favorite gift ever for both: give and receive? Tell me all about it in comments!

Till Next time!


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  1. Camila

    LOVE big-girl charm bracelets! And it’s a gift that keeps on giving – I love the fact that my kids and hubs can always find a new charm to add!

  2. Camila

    So cute, I especially love the glass beads!

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