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⁘ 6 November ⁘
25 Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I thought it would be fun to look for gorgeous and elegant Thanksgiving Table Decoration ideas to get inspiration flowing. I must tell you these ladies are AWESOME. One table idea is more beautiful than the previous one. It makes me want to...
⁘ 23 January ⁘
10+ Beautiful Valentine’s Day Mantels

You’ll Fall in Love With these Valentine’s Day Mantels. Once the Christmas decorations come down, your mantel probably feels a little empty and sad. Bring it back to life with some festive and bright Valentine’s Day decor that fills your living room with warmth and lots of love. Mantels are new to...
⁘ 14 July ⁘
Girls Crafty Hair Accessories Holder

Hello lovely friends. For those of you that are like me, crazy about hair bows and hair bands for your girls, I’m sharing this cute Girls crafty hair accessories holder. It’s cute, it’s fun and there are tons of possibilities depending on the size you choose. I’ve made a...