DIY Rustic Hearts and Stars Burlap Christmas Ornaments

These cute and easy Rustic Hearts and Stars Burlap Christmas Ornaments are so fun to make this Holiday season and will be the perfect touch to your Christmas Tree. Continue reading below!

It’s this time of the year my friend!!! Can you smell it? I can, even though it’s not December yet.

As many of you may know, I LOVE Christmas and I look forward to it every year from January. I know I’m a bit crazy but it’s true. As soon as Halloween is over I start planning my Christmas decor, last year I aimed for neutral rustic decor and his year I decided to still go for the farmhouse style making a rustic Christmas tree but with lots of white in it!

Today I’m sharing with you these super cute rustic ornaments made in natural rustic burlap and also in white-kind-of burlap. Hope you like them.

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DIY Rustic Burlap Christmas Ornaments cover

Rustic Burlap Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

The thing with Christmas is that makes you fill your spirit with motivation and hope. It also makes spaces sparkling and cozy. With this, you also want to add things handmade so your whole decor has something from your heart.

Even though I buy some decor, of course, I always love to have things made by me in every space I decor, especially the Christmas tree.

closer view of burlap heart

Last year was my very first Christmas in my new home country so I made pretty much everything. It was quite an achievement. I loved how my Neutral Christmas tree turned out and I so look forward to seeing how this year’s turn out.

view of white burlap star christmas ornament

These rustic Christmas tree ornaments are super easy to make although a bit time-consuming so I definitely recommend sharing the crafting process with family even kids if they are old enough to sew a bit. These can make super cute gifts too!

These ornaments are not limited to just main the tree, you can use them on garlands (a burlap garland would look gorgeous), wreaths, mini trees, imagination is the limit.

Making one can be done within 10 to 20 minutes but making a dozen or more for a 7 feet tree is another story. I end up making 8 natural and 8 white ornaments.

Both heart and star rustic ornaments together on the tree

Working with burlap can be quite messy so get ready to be all sprinkled with burlap dirt. But don’t get scared, it’s so much fun making these cuties!

Can I use something different than burlap?

You definitely can and you are more than welcome to. You can use any type of fabric that you love. Between you and me, plaid fabric might just rock!

Can I use something different than twine?

Absolutely! You can go for pretty ribbons, yarn, and anything else your creativity calls!

I don’t know how to sew, can I glue it?

In theory yes you can but I don’t know the result. If you have a sewing machine you can use it but to make these ornaments you don’t need to be a sewer, the stitches are super simple, enough to hold the stuffing. In the crafting world, it’s all about trying and testing. Don’t be scared and just try, there’s no perfection expected!

How to make Rustic Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments.


  • Burlap {your favorite ones}
  • Pillow stuffing.
  • Thread and needle {preferably use the same colors of your burlap}
  • White yearn {thin like for embroidery}
  • Twine (or even burlap ribbon)
  • Twinkle bells {size of your choice to add a touch of charm}
  • Hot Glue gun.
  • transparent glue {optional for burlap edges}
view of supplies

I created this quick video tutorial to make it easy for you! However, if you are more of a photo step-by-step kind of person just scroll down and keep reading!

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Building the burlap hearts and stars:

First, print and cut some starts and hearts {or other shapes of your choice} the size you think will fit your tree best.

I made the heart by hand folding a piece of paper and drawing half heart making sure both ends of the line finish on the fold. Then I cut it and voila!

I tried the same for the star but didn’t get far so I just found one, printed it and cut it LOL.

Using your shapes as your pattern, transfer them to your burlap and cut them. Since the heart is a symmetric shape, I fold it, also fold the burlap, and with folded sides together I cut several hearts.

Using shapes as a pattern and transferring them to the burlap
view of the shapes already cut along with the pattern

Place together 2 burlap hearts and stitch them together leaving a few millimeters of seam allowance. You are not turning the hearts inside out, it’s just for design.

two pieces of burlap in hand
sewing two pieces of burlap together

Stitch all around but leave a space opened to stuff it. You can always sew the ornaments with your sewing machine if you have one, I decided to go hand-sew to show you all it’s easily doable, or like my dear friend Amy from amylattacreations always say, to show you it’s Honestly Doable.

showing unsewn space
stuffing the shape (heart)

Stuff the heart {or the shape your are making} as much as you like, try not to get carried away though, you might actually want to be able to see the shape, LOL.

When you are happy with the stuffing stitch to close the heart.

sewing and closing the shape (heart)

There you go!

view of  shape (heart) ready

Decorating the burlap Christmas ornaments

Now, using a yarn needle and your white yarn, make some long stitches along with the previous stitches. This gives that rustic sewing look.

preparing a yarn needle and a white yarn
sewing the heart (shape) with a white yarn

Cut a string of twine to hang your ornament. Make a knot and stitch it to your ornament right on top of your shape {you can also glue it if you prefer}.

cutting a string of twine
closer view of a string of twine stitching the shape (heart)

Then cut another string of twine, this time a bit longer so you can make a cute bow.  

Insert the string in your single bell ring, place it more or less in the middle of your string and make your bow.

detailed view Inserting the string in single bell
showing the bow with the bell

Stitch or glue the bow to the hanger.

applying hot glue a hanger twine with the shape (heart)
applying a bow twine with the shape (heart)

…And your are done. Easy peasy, right?

general view of the Rustic Heart ended

Now go and make a couple dozen and come back and tell me how did it go!!! LOL. 

Hey! I did it! You will see when I finish my Christmas tree.

Now seriously, you can do the same process for different shapes and colors.

general view of the Rustic Heart and white star ended

But for now, how do my lovely Ornaments look?

A close view of the rustic heart on christmas tree
A close view of the rustic star on christmas tree
A closeup of the twine bow and jingle bell on the white star
A closeup of the twine bow and jingle bell on the rustic heart
view of a cute bow made with twine and a jingle bell aganst the white burlap
showing A howing off the the cute bow made with twine and a jingle bell.
Rustic Hearts and Stars Burlap on a crhistmas tree

I’ve seen similar ornaments with more decoration, like pine branches, cotton branches, cherry, balls, you name it and they all look so cute but I decided to go simpler.

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DIY Rustic Burlap Christmas Ornaments pinterest image

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Til' next time...

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