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⁘ 29 July ⁘
DIY Easy Braided Bracelet

Today I come doubly excited! Oh yeah! Today I’m sharing a super fun and easy crafty Jewelry piece that I just LOVE and I’m also sharing my very first video tutorial for this easy braided bracelet. How cool is that? But ok, please, forgive my video mistakes as it’s...
⁘ 13 July ⁘
DIY Easy Button Bracelets

If you are looking for a great gift for a teen or a beloved friend I’m telling you these easy Button Bracelets will do the job wonderfully! These are super easy to make and so fun. Making them with kids makes it even more fun as they spend some...
⁘ 6 May ⁘
DIY Fairy Tale Bracelet.

I think most of you already know that I’m quite childish (but not spoiled LOL) and a dreamer. For those who don’t know, yeah… that’s me. Actually I’m like a kid being a mom to another kid, you have no idea what happens here when is play time hahaha!....