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⁘ 17 February ⁘
Simple Chicken Curry

Who doesn’t like simple? Simple is great! Simple doesn’t mean lack of flavor or bad, it’s just simple to pull together! And my friends that’s how I like things! I don’t really enjoy the kitchen unless it’s for sweet things, so when it comes to food simple is my...
⁘ 24 July ⁘
Summer Apple Salad

Hello again! It’s me Chandra from The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen. I am here today with my monthly visit to all you wonderful readers sharing my super yummy Summer Applae Salad. Cami is one of my Blogging BFF’s and I love spending time with you all. Summer Apple Salad...
⁘ 23 April ⁘
Family Style Homemade Hash Browns

Do you like hash browns? I love them especially homemade hash browns since we can experiment and add seasoning and ingredients that we love. Potatoes are one of our favorite part of the meal, you can ask my little girl LOL. I love finding new ways to make things just...