Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour 2019

Hello dear friend! Welcome to my cozy rustic Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour! I am so thrilled and crazy excited to show you around my holiday home this year.

Christmas, Or dear Christmas! It’s my favorite time of year – Also Christmas Home Tour time!!! Isn’t Christmas Season the BEST EVER??? This is the best week of the year in the blogland (at least for me anyway). there are so many gorgeous home tours everywhere you look. 

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour

For this year I clearly knew what theme I wanted to go for and my friend… I love that I was able to make it happen even if it was just a little bit. I am crazy in love with Buffalo Plaid and this year decided to go for black and white.

Welcome to my 2019 Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour with lots of classic reds, whites, blacks, and rustic plaids!

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour  Living Room 3

To me is so exciting to share with you some of the Christmas decorations that we put up in our home, in hopes that it inspires you for your own decorating (even though I know I’m a bit late this year).

This year’s Christmas Home Tour will show that I love the holiday so much and that I don’t spend much to make it cozy, gorgeous and expensive-looking. I use a variety of adornments, textures, and colors to make it bright and happy. I hope you like it…


Christmas Home Tour 2019

Our Entryway

It’s so important to welcome people to our homes in a special way, especially during Christmas time. I love to be able to create pretty and warm entryway decor even though natural light is inexistent in that space of my apartment. 

Buffalo Check Gnomes Christmas Wreath Tutorial

I made it a tradition to make each year a new Christmas wreath for our door and this is this year’s one. 

When you open the door the first thing you see is our Entryway table. This year I tried something different. I hung my pallet backdrop on the wall and put my Welcome wood sign on top and a wreath with a cute lantern hanging from it.

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour Entryway 1

I usually use ornaments, greenery, garlands and Bottle brush trees to decorate. This year I used my wooden tree decorated with a black and white pom-pom garland and a cute buffalo check ribbon bow. Right next to it I put a super cute gnome. 

I also put some frames with patterns and sentiments. If you like the Chalkboard Printable you can download it here.

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour Entryway 2

Let’s move on to our living room also known as our family room. 

From the hallway, you can already feel the magic. All that bright light coming from it. The first thing you will spot is our big gorgeous Christmas Tree. 

Living Room Christmas Decoration

Here is where you will find most of our Christmas decorations. Where I start the magic and the whole family follows along to make it even more special each year.

As I’ve mention so many times, our apartment is really small. However, that never stopped me from creating a pretty, cozy and homey place. Christmas is by no means an exception and actually is the most inspiring time of the year when it comes to home decor. 

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour Living Room 2

As you may notice, in this space there’s the dining table, living room and when there’s no Christmas tree, there’s my desk/office space right there in its place. Although I might move my desk to the guest room next year and see how it goes.

There are 2 things I crazy love about winter. 

Can you guess what those are?

Heck yeah! Fluffy pillows and cozy blankets! 

So as usual, those are my main features on our sofa.

I threw my 2 of favorite blankets and lots of pillows on the sofa being the cute Plaid reindeer Pillow and my fabric painted Buffalo Check pillow among them. All bright red, black and white. 

On my table behind the sofa, I decorated with candle holders, bottle brush trees and some Christmas Characters decor. LOL.  I also made a cute black and white wreath to hang it from my cute Window Frames!

DIY Inexpensive Black and White Buffalo Check Christmas Wreath

On the shelves next to the sofa I mixed up some Christmas decoration items with regular decoration to create a more relaxed area. I played with trees, photo Frames and wood letters.

Right at the top I put my HOME Letters with 2 cute jar decorations. I actually Love how those shelves look. They are so bright and happy. 

On our coffee table. I created a Winter scene Cloche centerpiece using a tray, some greenery and berry stems I also put some cute Christmas candles on both sides. I’m pretty happy with my results, simple yet elegant.

DIY Winter Scene Christmas Cloche Centerpiece Decoration

Right next to the sofa I created a setup with some lanterns, and the blanket ladder and my super cute Gnome.

Next to the sofa on the other side I put an improvised side table and put a photo frame, a jar filled with pinecones and my cute Christmas Shadow Box with some baubles and a pretty Christmas Printable I made.

From the sofa I I have the perfect view: the Christmas tree. Oh my! I LOVE our Christmas tree!

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour Stokings

This year I decided to put the stockings hung from a tree branch that I roughly painted with white strokes and hung it with twine. I love how it looks. 

At nights is even more magical.

You can check out my Black and white Buffalo Check Christmas Tree and see know how much in love I am with my new creations and decor.

Right in front of my sofa you see our TV console table and above is what I like to call my “Mantel”. 

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour Mantel 1

I know it’s crazy but in my defense, if there’s no fireplace I created my own version of a mantel by placing a shelf above the TV console and there is where I decorate for each season. So yes, that’s my mantel.

Gorgeous Rustic Oversized Reversible Christmas Wood Sign

This year my mantel turned out to be a Christmas Village. I can’t say it enough how much I love it. It’s made with only paper houses and trees (Except for those 2 wooden Christmas tree lanterns).

I used white fleece as snow and I decorated both sides with some Candles Holders and some cute wooden reindeers. Simple yet warm and magical with the lights coming from the houses.

For the back of the mantel, I created an oversized reversible Christmas wood sign that turned out so pretty! 

Beautidul Rustic Oversized Reversible Christmas Wood Sign

The TV console table got some love too I put some White lanterns on both sides of the TV decorated with a bauble and a buffalo check ribbon bow. Below inside the table, I stacked some old books and put some cute lanterns filled witch red and white baubles.

I just feel so crazy excited and happy with the whole space.

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour Living Room 1

For the dining area, this year I got that sideboard table to restore (courtesy of my dear uncle, he knows me well). I don’t think I can restore it this year so I decorated it.

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour Sideboard

I used my chalkboard for the back and then I upcycled an Ikea cabinet door turning it into another chalkboard in which I hand-lettered “Merry & Bright”.

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Home Tour Merry & Bright

Then I created a styled tiered tray with a winter wonderland look using pom-poms, gnomes, my paper houses, bottle brush trees, black and white pom-pom garland and a cute wooden Christmas Tree.