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Theralight Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway

Hello everyone! Have you heard of Theralight? If not, Theralight is a manufacturer of light therapy machines and supply day spas and dermatologists with their very sophisticated machines. What makes their machines so great is that they provide a variety of color options, which help do different things. For example, red light is good for anti-aging, green light is good for restoring skin discolorations and acne treatments, yellow light is great for toning and strengthening your facial muscles and more!

Actually, Spas use Theralight machines in conjunction with their products because it helps the result of treatments work faster, and better!

This made me keep thinking. How do you keep your skin healthy? What’s your skin care tips and tricks?… I don’t really have one. But I do use some products to keep it healthy. I love Ponds, I use their face cleanser and Day/night cream. For the eyes I use 2 different ones and alternate them. I use Roc and Olay 7. I also use a small cleanser machine from Neutrogena which I use once a week or every two weeks.

I should definitely drink more water, I think that’s the biggest Trick for skincare. I know how important water is for our skin but I don’t drink as much as I should. I guess that should be a goal for me, “Drink more water”.

I would love to try one of these Theralight machines and see. Seem so interesting and advanced. I’m also interested in their post about How to Preserve and Boost Your Skin’s Collagen Production, Seems like sun exposure and environmental pollution damages the existing collagen in the skin and slows down its regeneration process so our skin stops looking  plump, radiant and firm. They share some really great tips there!

So how about winning  $100 Sephora Gift Card or $100 Visa Gift Card?

Good huh? Good Luck!

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If you want to check out Theralight’s Giveaway post you can go here