Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations Home Tour 2021

Welcome to my crazy obsessed love for the rustic and White with pops of red Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations Home Tour! I am so excited to show you around our holiday home this year. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and some cookies, and get comfy.

Woot! It’s my favorite time of year – Christmas Home Tour time!!! 

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Isn’t Christmas the BEST holiday ever??? 

This is the best week of the year in the blogland (at least for me anyway). There are so many gorgeous home tours everywhere you look.

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Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations

I’m so excited to be sharing our winter wonderland theme holiday home tour. 

This is because, as you can tell by now, Christmas is one of my favorite times of year to decorate our home and I love the magic of the holiday season. I actually start decorating early in November so we have more time to enjoy it!

It’s when hopes and dreams run high and families gather together to create special moments and make long-lasting memories. 

Our homes are the backdrop to all of this, and we can do as little or as much holiday decorating as we can manage. Maybe it’s only decorating one shared space in the home or maybe it’s adding special touches throughout. 

So, I’m welcoming you into my home for this Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations Home Tour and I hope you find some inspiration for your own home. 

Throughout my home, I’m sharing my blend of rustic Christmas décor I’ve collected over the years, my favorite new finds, and budget-friendly simple DIY ideas.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations in the family room

This year I went with the white in full force. I love rustic so it’s mostly rustic and white with pops of red. I think that Christmas without reds here and there is not as festive as it should be.

The idea of making this year’s theme winter wonderland was mostly because I’ve always wanted a gorgeous flocked tree and this year I finally got it.

As soon as I saw it in the living room even without any decor on it, I knew right away that Winter wonderland would be the perfect theme.

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations Home Tour 2021

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Our Entryway

To me, it’s important to welcome people to my home, especially during the Holidays. I love creating a warm entryway decor even though natural light is inexistent in that space of my apartment.

I always make a new Christmas wreath for our front door and this year is no different. This year, I made a felt leaf wreath perfect for both Christmas and wintertime!

Christmas wreath for our front door

As soon as I open the door you can see our Entryway table. Placed a DIY Pallet board {which is not actually pallet but looks kind of like it}. I hung a white twig wreath with a “Merry Christmas” Sign on it. 

The entrywat table decorated for Christmas

Right at the bottom of the board, I put a Christmas tree garland with some red berries springs and red and gold ornaments. Then placed my wooden tree with my candle holder and a bottlebrush tree.

Of course, our new reality, a gel bottle, and my keys holder wire basket.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations in the living room also known as our family room.

When you enter my living room you have a wide view of the whole space.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations in the living room and dining room

My apartment is very small and I have a living room, dining room, and family room (and office when the Christmas tree isn’t up) in the same room.

Living Room Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations

That doesn’t stop me from experimenting with decorations and variations.

Then the first thing that pops up is my big new Flocked Christmas tree in the back by the window.

Winter Wonderland Christmas tree

You will notice that I only have one sofa and LOTS of pillows and blankets. Haha. My obsession.

A cozy sofa for Christmas

I love how those cozy blankets make the room feel homey and warm. The pillows add such a festive look.

My coffee table got a little love too with a cute centerpiece. While is very simple, I love how it looks.

Used some old books, a vase with a candle, two of my new yarn Christmas trees, and this cute reindeer.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Centerpiece

Behind the sofa, I placed our Advent Calendar and some more yarn Christmas trees in different sizes on both sides.

Cute Yarn Christmas trees behind the sofa

Hanging from my window frames I have my 2 crazy guys hanging from a ladder (snowman and Santa) and hanging from the center I put my a brand new flocked wreath. The only thing I added was the cute buffalo check ribbon bow.

Hanging from my window frames I have my snowman and Santa and hanging from the center I put my a brand new flocked wreath

To be honest I don’t think the photos make it any justice!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Living Room

Check out our Mantel.

We don’t have a fireplace, so we like to use the shelf over our television as if it were a mantel. 

For my mantel, I kept my oversize reversible wood sign I made a couple of years ago.  On the left, I put some yarn Christmas trees that I absolutely love with a super cute gnome. And on the right, I used my all-time favorite candle holders. I finished with a Greenery garland decorated with a pompom garland, red berries springs, and my flocked pinecone Christmas ornaments.

I put some Candle holders and a cute reindeer on each side of the TV and put some baskets filled with cozy blankets and pillows below the tv.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Mantel

Inside the bookshelves, I spaced out some Christmas decorations items to make it simpler and cleaner this year.

Our Nativity got the same spot as last year!

Just like last year, my Christmas tree got a new placement by the winding between the sofa and the TV center. 

I absolutely loved it.

Gorgeous view of my Winter Wonderland Christmas tree

It turned out just as I wanted. I achieved a balanced mix tween the rustic look and the wintery white. Adding those pops of red around the tree made all the difference!

For the tree skirt, I used the same fur fabric and decorated it around the free with crates, lanterns, my two crazy fellas Ralfie (the reindeer) and Willfurrrr-d (the gnome),  some ornaments, and a pompom garland. Left enough space for the Christmas gifts.

Every time I sit on the living room sofa I feel this deep joy and almost can hear the reindeer’s jingle bells!  

This is my favorite view right now in my house!

At night when I go to my bedroom, I always see my tree’s twinkling lights on my way and it fills my heart with joy!

Our Dining Table And The Buffet

As you may have noticed my table is small as everything in my apartment LOL. I created a simple yet super cute centerpiece.

Welcome to my crazy obsessed love for the rustic and White with pops of red Winter Wonderland Holiday Decorations Home Tour! I am so excited to show you around our holiday home this year. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, some cookies, and get comfy. #christmasdecorationideas #winterwonderlandhomedecor

In a wooden tray, I paced these 3 gorgeous candle holders with gold candles and a couple of champagne reindeers. All this was placed on a white burlap table runner to create a nice contrast against the dining table.

Our buffet got as simple as it can be. I used my chalkboards and a Merry Christmas wood sign.

Then I wrote “Hot Cocoa” on the smaller one to create sort of a hot chocolate station as the Christmas vignette.

I used cute Christmas cups, sugar and milk vases mixed with a pompom garland, and different Christmas decorations. 

On each side of the buffet, I put a couple of yarn Christmas trees and a super cute small reindeer. I know, I know! I got super carried away with the yarn Christmas trees.

Then There’s My Bedroom!

I totally got obsessed with decorating our bedroom. 

Living room decortaed for Christmas

When I finished it and finally could take all the photos with everything tidied up and clean, organized and decorated I had this feeling so deep. I felt at home like never before.

Another view of the bedroom decorated for Holiday Season

I actually slept so well that night. 

Whenever I wake up in the morning with the thin morning light coming through the window, I have this feeling of joy and happiness bursting out of my chest. There are no words to describe it, but it is the best feeling ever.

Hope you enjoyed this Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations Home Tour. 

I wish from the bottom of my heart that your Christmas is Merry and Bright. As blessed as mine is so far and most of all, hope Santa and our beloved baby Jesus bring joy and help you achieve all your dreams and goals for the next year!

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