2018 Archive

⁘ 10 December ⁘
Rustic Red and white Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree

Buffalo Plaid is a big trend in winter decorating this year, especially on Christmas and this buffalo check plaid Christmas Tree does not disappoint with its trendy yet classic style. There are so many things to love about this time of year and for me, it all begins by...
⁘ 15 November ⁘
Reindeer Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pillow Cover

This festive and pretty Reindeer Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pillow Cover is a fun and cute project that will dress up your room for Christmas. Bring the festivity to your home while enjoying a special and cozy space. Ok yes, I confess, I have a pillowbsettion. LOL, Yes, I’m kind...
⁘ 14 November ⁘