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⁘ 2 December ⁘
DIY Rustic Christmas Lantern Centerpiece

Can I tell you a secret???? This year’s Christmas decor has been the BEST ever so far!!!! I’m so excited decorating and there is so much I want to make and so little time {ahem… and money… ahem}. But you probably know by now that this being our first...
⁘ 14 August ⁘
Washi Tape Recycled Jars

You are going to call me crazy but sometimes I just fly away on my thoughts {ok not sometimes, most of the time Ok!} and many of those times I keep thinking and asking myself about trash. Yeah, you heard me right, I think about trash. Have you thought...
⁘ 26 June ⁘
DIY Newspaper Basket

Are you ecological?… at all?. I try to be. Have you ever wonder how much paper {and trash for that matter} is thrown away per day? It’s hard to imagine! Back when I was living in Spain, we got used to having 3 different kinds of trash; one for...